I try to fish Norris some every fall when the striped bass make the run to the head waters. This time of year presents a good chance to catch monster stripers! I fished the Clinch arm near point 32 in water that was 71 degrees .This area was holding bait and stripers, I caught two nice striper around 20lbs. I fished only a short time but had success. Last fall this river produced a 45lb. striped bass and has history of monster catchs! Powell side presents the same oppurtunitys!   “( Good Luck )”


  1. If I was at Loan Mountain I would check out Sycamore and Little Syc.creeks for gizzards. Bait is catchable in that area,but you need to be good with the net or you will just be waisting time.This is some kick A. bait if you can get it!!! Go look it over look for flippin gizzards on shallow banks if you see flips bait is catchable. IF Sycamore dont work out I would make that Cherrokee bait run. More than likely bait will be in syc.and propably a few nice striper there too! I would head out to the river head up, look the river over for areas where bait is present. also watch water temp. look for 70to72 degree water because this is where the bait will be.( striper are in that area )

    • I also have another question for you, Downlines? I have had no success on cherokee the past couple weeks and I have caught nice bait and been over fish but cant catch a single striped fish, I see all these reports of people catching and I just have to wounder what am I doing wrong, There has to be some trick to downlines that I am not doing. I have been determined to learn to striper fish ever since I went out with you and my grandfather but have had minimal success. Being the awsome striper angler you are I am sure you could give a greenhorn like my self a pointer or two about downlines.

      • The most common way to rig a down line is to make up a leader using a swivel, 3 to 7ft. of leader line and a hook. Add a weight above the leader. I use 15lb. on my Cherokee rods with 3 to 5*hooks, 80lb. swivels ,20lb. seagar florocarbon leader around 3ft. long. People use diff. size weights most common is 2oz. Look for fish with sonar to judge what depth to drop it, when I put a down rod out I start around 16to18ft. People hook there baits diff.ways,the most common is in mouth out nose, top his back near head or even near tail. Diff.presentations can make a diff. When fishing live bait move slow when you see fish! Dont give up go back to Cherokee focus on free lines stripers are mainly feeding top water! Only drop one down if you see a school. You can have success with 2 free lines out the back of the boat. Planer boards,with free line are producing good numbers of catches. Best action is near the boy scout camp pt.26

    • Can you catch bait around the lone mnt. area or do you have to go to cherokee to catch bait and bring it back to norris to fish with it? I would like to be able to catch a fish or 2 around the lone mnt area and upstream because its a little closer for me to get to..

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