Kingston Steam Plant Striper fishing/Watts Bar

Water temperatures still a little warm in the mainstream flow of the river system. When water temperature on Watts Bar drops into the low 40s.conditions will become desirable for striper fishing the area near Kingston Steam plant. As the mainstream flow slows warm water from the steam plant will begin to pool up creating the perfect conditions for success. Discharges last season were around 57degrees creating a pool for a half mile at 52degrees. This was prime time, we had great success landing striper and cats. Just remember steam plant discharges are very unpredictable. Skip-jack will become easier to catch very soon near the steam plant. This is the preferred bait for the stripers and blue cats. Big Jerry landed this monster striper last season at Kingston/Watts Bar Lake . Striper over 30lb. are common in this system, I cant wait to get back this season!!!,+TN&sll=35.634977,-84.788361&sspn=0.603824,1.674042&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=Watts+Bar+Dam,+Ten+Mile,+Meigs,+Tennessee&ll=35.620954,-84.781408&spn=0.019745,0.052314&z=15